Sunday, May 11, 2008


So I think that because of all the noise most of you are avoiding our house. I think you are smart to do so. The ceiling is now all the way torn down and the Master bath is completely torn down. I have to ask my self on a regular basis if I am crazy or if I just have a little too much energy I don't know what to do with. Here are a couple of pictures so that you can avoid the house and still see what is going on. We have to deal with the sewer pipes this week and then we can put the ceiling back up. We will have gained about 12" in the dining room and 20" in the kitchen. After the ceiling is up we move on to the floor. That we will do at the same time with the bathroom floors. It will be a tile extraviganza. Not fun but in the end should really change the look and feel of our home. If any one is board you can help us on any given day. We need help sheet rocking, wiring lights, with tiles, and of course with painting. Not that we expect it but if you want to pitch in give us a call and we will give you an approx date.
We talked to Lorin today and he is doing great. Teaches about 8 discussions per day and rides his bike 30- 40 minutes between each one. He bore a great testimony to the kids and talked alot about the people there. He has really grown to love them. He is doing the right thing and he knows it.

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Emily said...

I just popped over from my friend's (Jen Bacher) blog. I know the pain of remodeling. We have lived in it for more than 10 years in 3 different houses. Construction is all my kids have ever known. Good luck with finishing your projects and I hope that it turns out exactly the way you want!